Intellectual Property

Whether you have created a unique and potentially profitable logo or invention, you are always advised to obtain the necessary intellectual property rights for security purposes. A trademark can be your most valuable business asset. It represents your business identity, distinct brand and identifies your business and your goods and services. Your unique trademark distinguishes your goods and services from competitors. Registering your trademark gives you a competitive edge and can help protect your brand, prevent others from using your mark and can help negotiate financing.

A registered trademark confirms your exclusive right to your trademark everywhere in European Union or worldwide for up to 10 years and is renewable.

Trademark are more than logos and slogans. Trademark can be words, numbers, designs, packaging, sounds, or any combination of these.

Our consultants are experienced in conducting search, registration and renewal of trademarks and patents on an international scale. We can assist you with administering the necessary application forms to the appropriate IP registry in a timely, professional and cost-effective manner.

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